Alex Wright  ABIPP, ARPS  photographer


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As a landscape photographer, Alex has tried to capture and convey to you some of the sights that make him stand and stare. The world can be a  wonderful and beautiful place, ever changing. The interplay of light and shade with physical objects, natural and manmade, make the glorious colours, shapes and textures. The wind wafts gently over water to add ripples, or blows wildly, churning up the water and bending the trees over. Sometimes calm and serene, sometimes dramatic, sometimes wild, sometimes just weird! Often we are too busy to take notice.

Alex hopes that you will take a few moments to enjoy the photographs in the galleries, and that some will make you too stop and stare!

Durdle Door, on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, is a wonderful place and in the starlight, with the Milky Way visible way out in space, it takes on an ethereal look.

Morning in the New Forest and the  mist forms rolling clouds along the ground, like waves in the sea. The tree stands on a slight mound and so can hold it’s head up above the mist. As always, the mist didn’t last very long, and then the magical nature of the scene changed back to normality